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For the last 18 years I have worked with athletes to improve their speed and strength qualities; prior to that I was an elite athlete myself for 10 years.  My methods and advice are based on well respected and proven results. 

My qualifications and experience speak for themselves but to hear it from the athletes who have benefited from the results of my work check out some testimonials.

In my endeavour to become the best in the world at what I do I have had the pleasure of traveling the world to visit and work with some of the most renowned speed and strength coaches on the planet. 


The system of training I have developed, and put into practice with great success, is a culmination of:

  • My own tried and tested methods;
  • Ideas and experiences that many international experts have generously shared with me; and
  • Well documented and current scientific research.

Together with my athletes I am achieving results that make a difference to performance.

Dave - Sprinter

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