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This is a web site dedicated to exactly that; assisting you to get faster and stronger.

Improving explosive power, speed and strength are all my areas of expertise.

Speed and strength are key components of many athletic endeavours. However the methods you employ to improve these qualities can play a huge role in whether or not you will achieve the outcome/s you are seeking. Certainly there is more than one way to achieve such goals but in doing so there are numerous issues to be considered such as:

• Your training age
• The time you have to train
• The facilities you have available
• Your level of dedication toward achieving your goals

Let me help you Get Fast and Strong.



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Presenting videos

I love presenting my ideas. Whether it be exercise options, nutritional strategies or wellness in general, you will find me a thought provoking presenter who will make you question what you currently believe and do. I tend to look at situations and circumstances by thinking "outside the square" and my approach is often not what you will hear from most other experts in the fitness or wellness industry. Do not fear this though, my methods are backed by good sound science, they are not just ideas made up to suit a fad at the time.

Below is some of the feedback I have collected from presentations I have done to date:

"Andrew is knowledgeable, fun and engaging to listen to."
"Thank you so much very interesting presentation Andrew - the pace was perfect, the use of quoted studies great, the use of questioning and humour just right, slides great and speed of reading time just right."
"Interaction was great. Awesome presenting really enjoyed it."
"Andrew was extremely humble but very knowledgeable. He has an empowering presence and kept the audience attention throughout."
"I liked that Andrew presented the info in a relaxed way, but had research behind it."

I am free and keen to come and present my ideas to you. Sports teams, workplace presentations for staff, groups and conferences. I have a wide variety of material to present and it is applicable to many individuals and groups. I know you will find it thought provoking and make you question your current beliefs!


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